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Southern California Mover Southern California Mover

Southern California Mover

Phone Us: 1.818.256.1949

Where a full service California moving company, moving houses, apartments, offices and businesses. Commercial moves weekends and holidays sligthly higher rates. We move from one item to a fully furnnaged location. Also available by request packing services, we incorporate specially trained personnel who can come in to a fully furnaged location and when they leave, all items are packed and ready for transporting.

Our dedication to service, high attention to detail, high standards of safety and competitive rates have earned us a great reputation in the moving industry.  Customer satisfaction is our # 1 goal. 

For small moves or deliverys we recommend Tiny Movers, you can reach them: 1 (818) 256-1949

Please feel free to browse are web site for useful moving hints.



Moving Companies

Moving Companies

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