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In long distance moves there are two factors that determine the cost of the move:
             1. The distance you are moving
             2. The size of your shipment

In order to determine your shipment size we will need a detailed list of all of your belongings. We also recommend to our customers (for most moves) to get an on–site estimate from one of our professional estimators so we can more accurately estimate the total costs.

Additional factors which may effect the price of your move are:
  • Packing by moving company
  • Need of storage
  • Need to use small shuttle vehicle
  • Excessive long carry

The chart below will help you to determine your move size and needs.

Average Cubic Feet

  Studio   250 c/f
  1 Bedroom Apartment   400 c/f
  2 Bedroom Apartment   750 c/f
  2 Bedroom House 1000 c/f
  3 Bedroom House 1250 c/f
  4 Bedroom House 1400 c/f
  Larger 1500+ c/f

Moving Companies

Moving Companies